Compliance & Policies

Dynasty Transportation has a zero tolerance policy against possession of or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs by anyone operating machinery when performing duties with and/or for this company . This policy is inline with the guidance/laws put forth by the State of Texas, drivers safety courses taken in person, along with various driving safety films, and/or in written forms.  Anyone not complying with this policy will be immediately terminated.

To voice your opinion on this or any other concerns about our private transportation or private drivers, contact:

The Dallas Operating Authority, Information as follows:

3448 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX, 75235, Phone 214-670-3161

Fax:214-670-6968.  Email:

We can accommodate wheelchair individuals upon prebooking request. 

City of Dallas Complaint Contact Information is as follows:

Phone Number:  311 Local (Dallas), Outside Dallas city limits 214-670-5111


We look forward to serving your transportation needs throughout Texas.